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Newsletter of NOLA Chapter, IAAP


August/September 2008


Volume 5; Issue 1


Rising to New Heights




President’s Message

2008-09 Officers


Ways & Means:


Jewelry Parties

Silent Auction


Welcome New Members

IAAP Anniversaries

Members’ Birthdates

Certification Updates:

Exam Dates Registration Dates

Proper Use of CPS / CAP


Daylight Savings Time


On-Line Education


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Text Box:  Incoming President’s Message


NOLA Chapter Members and Prospective Members:


As NOLA Chapter moves into the 2008 – 2009 year, we should proudly reflect on the history of our Chapter which was chartered 55 years ago this December.  NOLA Chapter, like all of us, went through some difficult times, but always survived.  The last three years have been especially difficult, but also very rewarding.  We hung together and survived Hurricane Katrina, and are now challenged with the current adversities resulting from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

On the positive side, NOLA Chapter recently experienced the excitement and satisfaction of hosting the very successful 2008 IAAP International Convention and Education Forum.  This is an honor that has been bestowed upon very few of the 591 Chapters within our Association.  NOLA Chapter members worked long and hard for the Convention and our teamwork, which displayed the multi-faceted talents of many of our members, brought our Chapter and our Texas-Louisiana Division members closer together.  We will cherish the fond memories and are grateful for the new bonds of friendship formed, as these will always be with us.  I am so very proud of all of you – through your efforts you made NOLA Chapter a shining star!

Now we must continue on our path toward becoming a Chapter of Excellence, an achievement which NOLA Chapter will most certainly attain.  Our goal is to continue to rebuild our Chapter while providing our members with varied opportunities for educational and professional growth.  The challenges which lie ahead are great, as it seems the bar is constantly being raised, but we will rise to meet these challenges.  With the continued efforts of all of our outstanding members, the theme which I chose as my President’s Theme will prove most appropriate, and NOLA Chapter will rise to new heights – together!

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve as your Chapter President, and May God Bless all of you!




Betty Ann Dunn CPS/CAP

President, NOLA Chapter IAAP






Text Box: 2008 – 2009 NOLA CHAPTER OFFICERS





L to R:  Judith F. Larmeu CPS/CAP, Secretary;  Connie Zerangue-Depew, Vice President;  Betty Ann Dunn CPS/CAP, President;  Martha Jones-Long CPS, Conducted Installation Ceremony;  Rebecca A. Altobelli, Director;  Catherine B. Hock CPS; Treasurer.




Way$ and Mean$ Activitie$

Our Ways and Means Committee has been working very hard to make this a very successful year,   but I really do need all of your help to make it the VERY BEST ONE EVER

  Cathy Glavina, Chairman


Candle Sales


Remember our candle fundraiser is an on-going project, and we receive a very nice profit from our candle sales.  Cathy says there are some “wonderful” scents for the holidays – let’s get busy selling those and buying some for gifts.  Here’s an idea – treat YOURSELF !!


Jewelry Parties


I am asking anyone who can have a party with family and friends to please email me to schedule.  I will also have brochures for the candles at the parties so they can order at a later date.  I will try to have samples at each party so guests can see, feel and smell how wonderful they are.

Cathy Hock was our first hostess on September 13. Things went very well and our profit was about $87.00.


Silent Auction Items


The Christmas auction is coming up. If you have an item that you would like to donate please
bring it to the meeting or I will pick up from you. If you have any contacts with businesses that I can contact, that you think might donate something, please give me their names so I can get in touch with them.  Thanks.





Members who joined in

July – August, 2008

Marjorie Ferguson – sponsored by Cathy Glavina


Marcy K. Miller – sponsored by Cathy Glavina


Mona Schindler (Associate Member) –  sponsored by Betty Rebecca Altobelli


Rhonda Christen – sponsored by Vivian Davenport



Normally, new members are officially “Welcomed” in a ceremony conducted shortly after they join.

  Since Hurricane Katrina disrupted most of our traditional activities, we have not been able to conduct a formal welcoming ceremony for our new members.  In order to catch up, at our September meeting we are welcoming all of the new members who have joined NOLA Chapter since August, 2005.




  Janelle Accardo (Nov)

  Dawnene Colon (Feb)





  Annette Faraldo (Dec)





  Rebecca Altobelli (Apr)

  Jodi Schwing (Jun)





  Pat Correia (Apr)

  Olivia Crum (Feb)

  Veronique Dyer  – Student (Jan)

  Catherine Glavina (Jan)

  Kimberly Hennegan CPS (Feb)

  Pamela Orgeron (Mar)

  Ann Ravichandran (May)

  Cerelia Smith – Student (Jan)

  Bich-Lien Tran – Student (Jan)


Members’ IAAP Anniversaries in

August and September



-          Lynn Bridges CPS (1999)

-          Betty Ann Dunn CPS/CAP (1992)




 - None

August and September

Member Birthdates


-    Annette Puckett – 8/7

-    Elizabeth Johnson – 8/21

-    Donna Bailey – 8/23

-    Linda Davis CPS – 8/28

-    Linda Williams CPS – 8/28

-    Lauralyn Wright CPS – 8/29



-    Marina Cook – 9/16

-    Tiffany Page (Student) – 9/19

-    Myrtle Pounds – 9/24

-    Charlene Dubroc CPS – 9/24

-    Cathy Hock CPS – 9/28


(Excerpts from IAAP’s Certification Update #07-08)



Recertification                                                                November Exam Information


  ALL CPS HOLDERS approved to take the exam since January 1, 1988, are required to recertify every five years in order to keep their rating active.

  ALL CAP HOLDERS are required to recertify every five years in order to keep their rating active.

  The Recertification Brochure has a new look and is available at:

  You can also find a Recertification Spreadsheet to assist you in tracking your points as you earn them at:



  Candidates who have registered for the November 7 and 8, 2008 exams should have or will soon receive your admission letter.  Please be sure to secure that letter as it is your entrance ID for the exam(s) for which you are registered.  Our Delgado Community College testing location is again available for the November exams.

  The 3-Part CPS Exam and the first 3 parts of the CAP exam will be administered on Saturday, November 8.  Part 4 of the CAP exam will be administered the afternoon of Friday, November 7.


 Future Exam and

Registration Deadline Dates



Exam Dates

Friday & Saturday

  May 1 & 2, 2009


Friday & Saturday


  November 6 & 7, 2009



Registration Deadlines


February 15, 2009




August 15, 2009


CERTIFICATION BROCHURES – The Certification Application Packet has been revised and is available on the web at or through the Distribution Department at Headquarters.  If you have Certification Application Packets older than March 2007, please destroy those and use the revision. 

2008 Certification Conference


The 2008 Certification Conference will be held October 19-22 in Denver.  Hotel reservations can be made now at the Denver Grand Hyatt (800.233.1234) – be sure to identify yourself as an attendee of the “IAAP Certification Conference” to receive the conference room rate of $179 single / double or $189 triple / quad (plus taxes).

Complete details will be available on the IAAP web site (under Events”.  Early bird registration (June 1 – July 31) was open only to those who have an active CPS or CAP rating.  Starting August 1, space permitting, registration opened for those who are not certified.  Fees will be $575 for IAAP members and $680 for nonmembers.

The 2008 Certification Conference will provide top-notch educational sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and a time to relax and have some fun.  Make plans now to attend and learn as we look at the changing work environment.


* * * Proper Use of CPS and CAP Designation * * *


Active CPS and CAP holders have earned the right to use the professional designation after their name.  Similar to a CPA or PhD, active CPS and CAP holders may use the designation on business correspondence, business cards, listings in membership rosters and programs of professional or business organizations, newspaper articles, and interviews concerning professional activities, and other appropriate professional and business areas.

IAAP PREFERENCE is to have no comma between the last name and the designation.  Example, Chris Sample CPS  or  Pat Masters CAP.  Those with both ratings should use a backslash between the ratings.  Example,  Chris Sample CPS/CAP.  IT IS NOT PROPER to use CPS/2 or CAP/4 to show the number of times an individual has recertified.  Only the initials CPS and/or CAP should be used.

You may ask why CPS and CAP holders receive some mail from International with a comma between the designation and last name.  Unfortunately, the membership software used by IAAP has a comma hardcoded after the last name.  It is not the IAAP preference, but it is something we are not currently at liberty to change.

Those who do not keep current through the IAAP recertification process may no longer use the CPS or CAP designation after their names.






We’re on the Web!

See us at:

but watch for our move to the IAAP Community



Daylight Saving Time Changes


This past Spring the start date for Daylight Savings Time changed in the United States as part of the United States Energy Policy Act of 2005.  The new start and end dates are:


                  Start (spring forward 1 hour)                        March 11


                  End ( fall back 1 hour)                                   November 4

On Line Educational Opportunities

Here are a few on-line sites that offer no-cost courses that you can take at your convenience based on the course schedule:

Pendaflex Learning Site



Microsoft – Offers some no-cost classes plus downloadable templates, clip art, etc.:


Hewlett Packard – Offers some no-cost classes:



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