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NOLA Chapter Fundraisers


Currently we have 2 fundraising activities in progress:

- NOLA Chapter is selling Louisiana made jelly (Blueberry, Strawberry, and wine flavored) from the Landry Vinyards. If you're interested and didn't get to sample these delicious jellies, please let us know. We plan to have several jars available at the T-L Division Annual Conference in Alexandria.

- A fundraiser for the 2006 International Convention -
Linda Davis has acquired a beautiful painting of Evergreen Plantation and had it framed. This is a gorgeous painting that anyone would love to have. We plan to raffle the painting at our booth at the T-L Division Annual Conference in Alexandria as well.

September Pampered Chef Fundraiser
  Thanks to Linda Benton who arranged for this lovely venue for our September Pampered Chef fundraiser.  Linda and her bosses were most gracious hosts for the evening.
  Thanks to all of your participation and outside orders, NOLA Chapter received a very nice profit from Pampered Chef.
  Watch for future activities.

Notice the view from the windows
Joan Hughes and Jane Doyle CPS

Pampered Chef Representative
Jennifer Bruning

The evening's meal was tasty and plentiful
Thanks to Linda and her bosses.

Special Guest Thelma Fryou (center) celebrated
her 91st birthday on September 6

The Riverwalk Office Meeting Room
Thanks to Linda Benton

A panoramic view of the Mississippi River
Dion Couvillon CPS, and Hilda Poppell CPS

Jennifer's bill of fare for the evening
Pampered Chef Items used in demonstration

Chapter Member Debra Jones sings a special
"Happy Birthday" to special guest ....

Speaking of Special - Hilda Poppell CPS receives
recognition as President Dunn CPS/CAP reads Chapter award for Retirement Trust Fund contributions