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CPS / CAP Certification Information


2008 Certification Conference:

  Limited space is still available for the Certification Conference.  Do you need tips on creating a more energized workplace? Thinking creatively? Dealing with negativity in the workplace?  Then this Conference is for you. 

Don’t miss out.  Register today.  You do not have to be certified to attend.

Cleaning Up Your Work Environment, Denver CO, October 19-22

Click here for  details and to register.

Registration Dates and
Study Group Information

  We again have the Delgado East Bank Campus as a testing site for CPS / CAP exams.
  Please check the registration deadlines below for future exam dates and application deadlines.
  NOLA Chapter is again conducting study classes and if you are interested please send an e-mail to:


November 7 - 8, 2008

August 15, 2008

Click for downloadable application packet (Adobe.pdf)

Two Certification Programs:

- 3-part CPS Exam
- 4-part CAP Exam

Parts 1-3 of the CPS and CAP Exams are administered on Saturday.
Part 4 of the CAP Exam is administered Friday afternoon

New candidates apply to take either the three-part CPS or the four-part CAP exam and must take all parts on their first attempt; CPS exam candidates will take three parts--CAP exam candidates will take four parts.

CPS holders applying for the CAP rating are exempt from Parts 1-3 of the CAP exam, but are required to take Part 4 of the CAP Exam.
  CAP candidates DO NOT receive the CPS rating upon passing Parts 1-3 of the CAP exam.
Exam Fees:
  3-Part CPS:  $50 processing fee; $150 for all parts.
  Part 4 CAP:  $50 processing fee; $210 for Part 4.
  Retakes:  $60 per part