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Rebounding from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Status updates through June, 2006
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NOLA Chapter members PLEASE keep us updated on your progress. Click here to e-mail your status and update as often as you wish. We're Coming Back Strong - see NOLA Chapter Events page for upcoming meeting information.

The following members are OK and living at home with minimal / no damage:

Connie Zerangue-Depew
Marcia Hokanson - has recently been promoted.
Charlene Dubroc
Carolyn Gallagher
Catherine Hock - resigned from Entergy, working with Taylor Energy.
Tanya Johnson
Debra Jones
Marti Long
Kim Pham - resigned from Entergy.

Gracie Juneau CPS - Temporarily Moved to Hammond, LA, soon to move to Jackson MS area.

Miss Betty Dunn CPS/CAP - back in New Orleans - 2416 St Charles St, New Orleans LA 70115 - son's cell phone: (504) 669-1129. Intermittent e-mail access.  Trying to buy a home in uptown.

Judy Larmeu CPS / CAP - Returned to Jefferson Hwy, LA office on 9/14.  Larry, Judy, and mom living in apartment in Kenner until house is cleaned up.

Dion Couvillon CPS - Temporarily working in Hammond, LA, soon to relocate to Jackson, MS.  Lost home in N.O. East.

Linda Davis CPS - Bought home in The Woodlands, TX, transferred to The Woodlands Chapter.

Katherine Johnson - evacuated to Houston, TX, hopes to be returning to New Orleans soon.

Catherine Davis - OK and at home,

Karne Helmke - Ok at home (had surgery on 8/18; evacuated 8/28; Don's house had water - her car was in the garage.

Shirley Nelson - temporarily transferred with Stewart Enterprises to Dallas / Irving, TX - house OK.

Hilda Poppell - back in New Orleans living with a friend; no flood - tree broke over back of house.  Mr. Tom (cat) is OK.

Joan Hughes - back in New Orleans, pending gas service, no ceiling in living room but managing.

Sindhu Khumar (prospective member) - had water; working in Shreveport, LA.

Myrtle Pounds - Oakwood Mall had burn damage; contact her at home e-mail.
Jane Doyle - Back in New Orleans and working, after evacuating to Houston and then to Connecticut.

Noelle Wright - back at home and preparing for installation of Delgado student chapter members.
Linda Benton - Back to work at Riverwalk.
If you have updated information on these individuals or Cheryl Green, please forward information via e-mail link above
  Hurricane Katrina - a Category 4 at landfall Monday, August 29, 2005  - wrought havoc on Southeast Louisiana, including New Orleans.  As of now, ALL travel into the area is prohibited, the city is under Martial Law,  and even citizens are not being allowed in due to the flooding and total devastation of  the infrastructure.
  NOLA Chapter members, as well as IAAP members in chapters in Southeast Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have been affected by Katrina's devastation.  Following are e-mail messages from Gracie Juneau CPS, NOLA Chapter President; from Sharon Chelette CPS/CAP, Southwest Division  President; and from IAAP International President Kay Enlow CPS/CAP:
Sat 9/10/2005 8:34 AM
Good Morning NOLA Chapter members,
I hope you are all doing Ok and starting to put the pieces of your lives back together.  We have all been hit with this catastrophic Hurricane quite hard.  It will be a long road to recovery, but together we can all pull through this tragedy.  I have been working in Jackson for two weeks and it appears we will be relocated here until our New Orleans work locations can be renovated.  I am truly thankful to have a job and my family is safe.

I have heard from many of our IAAP members who sincerely want to help.

This event has changed our lives forever, but we have begun recovering and will pull together to get through this. I hope your families are safe, that is the most important part of our lives, our families and friends; homes can be rebuilt.

For now, we will take this one day at a time and we will get through each day.  My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

Take care,Gracie

    * * * * * * * *

From: Sharon.Chelette

Subject: IAAP - Information on Aftermath from Hurricane Katrina

Good morning everyone. I trust this finds everyone safe and well.

Many of the T-L Division members have sent emails of inquiry and concern for our fellow IAAP members in the New Orleans area. Many have also asked questions regarding 2006 International Convention in New Orleans. Below is an email from International President Enlow and HQ staff that addresses this concern and Kay also includes instructions about to provide assistance to our members in need, for those inquiring about how they can help.

Please disseminate this information along to your chapter members and remember to keep those effected by this crisis in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a safe, wonderful weekend!


  "The purpose of this e-mail is to serve as an initial form of communication surrounding this past week's tragic hurricane in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
  "As you might imagine, your International Board has been receiving numerous inquiries regarding the welfare of our members located in the impacted areas, as well as the plans for our 2006 International Convention & Education Forum slated for New Orleans next July.   Please know that we are in the assessment mode and Meetings & Convention Coordinator Inge Hafkemeyer, from our HQ office, has been in contact with representatives from the National Hilton Hotel office.  We should know more in a couple of
weeks.  In the meantime, we have delayed our opening of the convention hotel registrations and will have information posted on the Web site communicating this delay shortly.
  "I realize many of our members are wanting to take immediate action to come to the aide of affected members, but we are just not in a position to determine those needs at this point.  An article I just read (Reuters said Lake Pontchartrain should return to normal levels within about 36 hours, and the water now flooding New Orleans would begin to drain, but the Mayor of New Orleans estimated it could be 12-16 weeks before residents could return to the city.
  "I would suggest to any member wishing to provide assistance to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts to consider donations to one of the
  following Hurricane Katrina relief funds:
  "The American Red Cross at;
via mail, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013; or
by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW OR,
  "The Salvation Army at;
via mail, PO Box 4857, Jackson, MS 39296-4857 (and it's noted to earmark your check to "disaster relief";
call 1/800-SAL-ARMY; or visit your local Wal-Mart or Sam's Club to donate to The Salvation Army's Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
  "Another thought would be to see if your employer does "Matching Funds," to see if they would consider establishing a special matching-gifts contribution effort to aide in the assistance to the storm-torn areas.
  "I hope this communication is helpful, and please know that our members and their families affected by the ravages of Hurricane Katrina are foremost in our thoughts and prayers, and will continue to be as they work through this catastrophic event and work to rebuild their lives.
Kay ("K") Enlow CPS/CAP
Administrative Assistant III"

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